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UAS/SUAS Detection

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Airport Drone Surveillance

Holographic radars can be deployed either on or close to airports and give complete situational awareness to controllers of any drone activity in the area. The system can be deployed to look over specific high risk areas such as the approach path, or to cover the entire aerodrome and surrounding area to give early warning of any approaching drone.

In this way Holographic radar will improve safety by reducing the risk of an aircraft hitting a drone, and also reduce the potential for serious operational disruption associated with closing a runway after a pilot sighting of a drone.

The fact that holographic radar can dwell on a target means the discrimination of birds against drones is greatly increased, giving reliable alerting with low false alarms to a degree not possible using conventional radar.


Prison Security

The use of drones to carry contraband into prisons has become a common occurrence. Holographic Radar can be used to alert prison authorities of incoming drones, or to form a “virtual fence” around the prison perimeter. Multiple units can be networked together to for a 360° surveillance picture. Owing to Holographic Radar's high update rate and advanced processing capabilities, multiple fast moving UAVs can be tracked continuously across a wide area.


National Border Security

Holographic Radars can be used to track activity across and beyond a border to provide a highly accurate surveillance picture of UAVs and other craft trying to cross a protected boundary. This allows security authorities to take measures to stop or disrupt any suspicious craft which may be transporting illegal goods or carrying out malicious activities. Aveillant's Gamekeeper 16U Drone Detection System is able to provide coverage out to 5km giving significant early warning beyond a border or physical boundary.

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National Infrastructure Protection

Sites such as nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure can require protection against both unwanted surveillance and more serious acts of terrorism. Drone use in such areas is now a pressing concern. Holographic radar provides a means to have a highly reliable alerting system both directly over the area in question and also out beyond the perimeter to warn of an approaching drone.