Aveillant. A vibrant company with a deep history

A brief history

Aveillant is a UK technology company spun off from Cambridge Consultants in October 2011. Cambridge Consultant’s spin-offs have a track record of success, generating a combined market value in excess of £1.5bn and more than 3,000 new jobs.

Cambridge Consultants first started working with radar in 1980 and has been developing its capability ever since. They initially focused on short range radar systems specifically designed to provide maximum information on targets in a volume of interest – rather than simply detecting objects that are as far away as possible.


  • David Crisp, CEO

    David Crisp Photo

    David is an experienced technology CEO and serial entrepreneur. After a 10 year career in Oil & Gas with Schlumberger, he founded the mobile communications software company, Eden Group – a successful exit gave a ten times return for investors.

    After a brief spell as entrepreneur-in-residence for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, he became CEO of Neopost Online Inc. a $100M funded e-commerce start-up, providing online postage, package and shipping services. Returning to the UK in 2005, David joined wave energy device developer Orecon Limited as CEO, closing a £12m ‘A’ round funding.

  • Gordon Oswald, CTO

    Gordon Oswald Photo

    Dr. Gordon Oswald is a physicist who was educated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. He has focused his career on the development and application of short range radar technology for government and commercial users. His experience has ranged from radar investigation of the Antarctic Ice Sheet through developing military instrumentation radars to creating collision sensors for the automotive industry.

    He joined Cambridge Consultants in 1980 and managed the Geophysics Group and the Radio Sensors Business Unit. He recognised in 2008 that Holographic Radar™ could be developed and deployed to mitigate the effects of wind turbines on aviation. He now leads the technology development effort for Aveillant.