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Published: 31 July 2015

Clear choice: interturbine visibility and indeterminate detection, or constant visibility and constant detection from Aveillant


Aveillant held a week of demonstrations proving Holographic Radar's capability to see out to 40 nautical miles - our system delivering on yet another promise!


The demonstrations, held at Deenethorpe Airfield 20th-24th July 2015, were attended by more than 60 people from airports, OEMs, regulators and wind farm developers. 


The Aveillant solution has proved it's scalability and speed once again. 2 years to get from 5 to 40 miles, 3 months to build the system, 1 and a half days to get it working!


Thank you everyone who attended this demonstration and made it a world first, a huge success.


Please visit our website again soon for an in-depth update on the demonstrations - but for now, see below comments from the week:



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