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Photo Credit: Oliver Berg / dpa

Published: 7 September 2016


Dr Dominic Walker, Aveillant’s Business Development Manager, has been invited to speak at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s event “UAS in Daily Life” in October this year. The annual event will focus on themes facing the UAS community in 2016 and beyond.

The conference will provide an update on the latest UAS applications - exploring some of the more interesting and challenging uses of unmanned systems. This will be supported by a review of regulatory and technological progress towards Beyond Line of Sight operation.

Keynote presentations will be made from UK Government, the ICAO RPAS panel, EASA, and Facebook, in addition to presentations on some of the major technology developments and applications taking place across the UAS sphere.

Dr Walker will speak on day 2 of the conference in the session on UAS Traffic Management on the subject of “Holographic Radar – New Technology for Detection and Tracking of UAVs”.

Further details can be found at http://aerosociety.com/Events/Event-List/2583/UAS-in-Daily-Life

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Ben Tilley