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The Gamekeeper radar is able to detect, track and classify small Unmanned Air Systems (sUAS) in full 3 dimensions to a range of 5km. With no moving parts, it continuously "floodlights" the entire field of view providing location and velocity of every object detected.


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Unique Holographic Radar designed specifically for detection of small UAS

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Tracking in 3 dimensions allows target threat assessment and cuing of other sensors 

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Detection at long range (5km) giving early warning and reaction time

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Automatic classification seperates UAS from other road, air and sea targets, including birds


UAS design and technology is changing rapidly. Gamekeeper is a software defined radar. As UAS change, the software in deployed Gamekeeper units can be updated with new algorithms and features developed by Aveillant.


Gamekeeper’s high speed update rate (4x per second) provides live output, enabling an operator to observe target behaviour. Standard data output format ensures ease of compatibility and integration with additional sensors, countermeasures and C2 systems. 


Gamekeeper has no moving parts, minimising maintenance and operating costs, and simplifying installation. Aveillant can provide remote monitoring and maintenance, along with regular software updates, maximising system availability.


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