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The Theia 16A Holographic Radar provides precise volumetric and continuous 3D surveillance. Aveillant’s Holographic Radar recognises targets; aircraft, wind turbines, bird flocks and even cloud formations. For Air Traffic Control, Holographic Radar provides a clutter-free picture to the operator. 

The Theia 16A variant is a 5 nautical mile infill radar which can be used for wind farm mitigation or remote surveillance. It can be sited near to or on the wind farm and transmits information remotely back to the Air Traffic Controller allowing for a clear uncluttered view to be presented.  

Features Icon.jpg  Features

Bullet.jpg  Intelligent characterisation and identification of target returns
Bullet.jpg  Clutter free surveillance with an extremely high probability of detection (PD)
Bullet.jpg  100% time on target
Bullet.jpg  Provides real-time 3D target position therefore no slant range error
Bullet.jpg  Seamless integration into both plot extracted and digital RDS
Bullet.jpg  High reliability output
Bullet.jpg  Provides ASTERIX output in CAT034/048 format
Bullet.jpg  Update rate is configurable to as low as 1 second
Bullet.jpg  19inch rack mounted processing units
Bullet.jpg  No moving parts and minimal maintenance
Bullet.jpg  Vandal proof
Bullet.jpg  Mains or self powered (30 day fuel supply)

Benifits Icon.jpg  Benefits

Bullet.jpg  Spectrum efficient L-Band
Bullet.jpg  Multiple applications from one solution (remote surveillance, wind farm mitigation)
Bullet.jpg  Low cost of through-life ownership
Bullet.jpg  Easily transportable and rapid deployment
Bullet.jpg  Uneffected by weather
Bullet.jpg  Mitigates unwanted clutter from ATC display (wind turbines, sea clutter, vehicles etc.)

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