Theia 384A is a concept we have developed to address the needs of customers who may need a larger coverage volume than that of the Theia 64A.

With a range of up to 40 nautical miles and up to 360 degree coverage, Theia 384A is designed to meet the needs of applications such as Air Traffic Control. Holographic Radar technology would provide a spectrum efficient means to manage airspace from ground level up to 60,000 ft.

The specifications this concept has been designed to meet are described below.

Features Icon.jpg  Features

Bullet.jpg  The next generation non-cooperative surveillance radar - New standards of performance (independently proven and field tested).  Surveillance of ALL the volume and ALL the targets ALL the time
Bullet.jpg  Target characterisation - Helicopter, propeller vs. jet plane, wind turbine
Bullet.jpg  Multiple applications from a single solution, including Surface Movement Radar (SMR)
Bullet.jpg  Clutter free – wind turbines 
Bullet.jpg  Spectrum efficient - L-Band, all HR units have the potential to use a single common frequency
Bullet.jpg  High update rate - Up to 4x/sec
Bullet.jpg  3D radar - Position (x,y,z), velocity, detailed Doppler & target characteristics
Bullet.jpg  Seamless, simple integration
Bullet.jpg  Low cost of ownership -100% solid state, no moving parts or rotating joints

Applications Icon.jpg Applications

Bullet.jpg  ATC Surveillance

At Aveillant, we are always focused on meeting current customer and industry needs. This product is currently a concept, but it will be developed further if there is sufficient demand from an interested customer or partner. If you have a project in mind, then please get in touch.

You might also be interested in our Theia 64A which is available today.
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