Aveillant |

Highly configurable conical array with a range of up to 40 nautical miles and up to 360 degree Field of View.

Holographic Radar development is based on the goal of achieving a spectrum efficient, networked solution that can manage an extended airspace from ground level up to 60,000 ft.

Features Icon.jpg  Features

Bullet.jpg  The next generation non-cooperative surveillance radar - New standards of performance (independently proven and field tested).  Surveillance of ALL the volume and ALL the targets ALL the time
Bullet.jpg  Target characterisation - Helicopter, propeller vs. jet plane, wind turbine
Bullet.jpg  Multiple applications from a single solution, including Surface Movement Radar (SMR)
Bullet.jpg  Clutter free – wind turbines 
Bullet.jpg  Spectrum efficient - L-Band, all HR units have the potential to use a single common frequency
Bullet.jpg  High update rate - Up to 4x/sec
Bullet.jpg  3D radar - Position (x,y,z), velocity, detailed Doppler & target characteristics
Bullet.jpg  Seamless, simple integration
Bullet.jpg  Low cost of ownership -100% solid state, no moving parts or rotating joints

Applications Icon.jpg Applications

Bullet.jpg  ATC Surveillance
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