Aveillant looks back on a successful year!

Aveillant, the UK-based radar company and producer of the 3D Holographic Radar™ has delivered its promise of developing a fully scaleable, intelligent characterisation radar this year which is now commercially viable, amongst other achievements, as outlined below:

  • Surveillance out to 42 nautical miles (nm)
  • Probability of Detection (PD) in excess of 96 % over wind turbines.
  • The only mitigation solution able to track and report aircraft in the same space as turbines, not just between them.
  • Reduced life-time costs with increased capability.
  • Capital purchase of an Aveillant sensor starting from 850K GBP

The UK-based company has produced its system in a solid state form with no moving parts and consequently is able to support the technology through life at a very low cost of ownership (COO). In comparison, manufacturers of traditional “spinning” radars, due to multiple single points of failure such as Rotating Joints, have to factor into their COO continual replacement of parts. Aveillant’s approach also reduces the risk to operators of infill radars suffering long down-times.

Using just 2 MHz of L band spectrum, Aveillant’s sensors protect ANSPs and Airports from potential future spectrum charging as indicated in the CAA’s spectrum release programme. No other system available in the market today uses such a small amount of spectrum which gives Aveillant a clear and unique benefit to its customers.

David Crisp, Aveillant’s CEO, says: “Aveillant’s reputation in delivering “first in class”, ground breaking surveillance sensors is growing fast and this year has attracted the support of major, industry OEMs to assist installations and support customers in building the future for surveillance radar. We look forward to continuing these successes next year and plan for more triumphs next year.”

Aveillant is proud to announce that we have received ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditation this year. Aveillant not only provides a radar solution, but also supports and secures customer information and reputation at the highest possible level.

3D Holographic Radar™  technology was recognised in the category of Navigation and Surveillance Communications at the 2014 IET Innovation Awards.  Having been shortlisted amongst other great institutions such as NATS, University College London, LeddarTech, Universitat Politècnica de València and Xidian University, Aveillant came out on top to win this prestigious award.