11th – 15th May 2015

Crystal Gateway Marriott – Arlington, VA


Air surveillance has relied almost exclusively on scanning radars to provide all-round Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) for Air Traffic Control (ATC). However, there are a range of instances such as weather, surface movements, wind turbines, etc., where conventional PSRs lack the ability to fully mitigate against unwanted Doppler echoes appearing co-located with genuine aircraft returns. The problem can be overcome by switching to an entirely fixed beam staring system. This paper will describe how, using a 2-D antenna array and advanced signal processing, it is possible to devise a multibeam wide-area staring surveillance system that is capable of achieving highly sophisticated Doppler discrimination. Trial results of non-cooperative air surveillance in the presence of wind turbine clutter will be presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system. The paper will conclude by outlining a range of enhanced ATC capabilities that would be possible with this new class of air surveillance system ranging from suppression of strong interfering echoes to operating in increased traffic volumes and tracking of smaller, agile air vehicles.


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