Aveillant, the UK specialists in 3D surveillance radar, has secured up to £6million of funding to continue growing its customer support infrastructure and supply chain, following commercial deployment of its radars and growing interest from around the world.

Since last year’s hugely successful trials in the USA and Scotland, and CAA’s awarding of a contract in December to find a spectrum efficient alternative to S-band primary air traffic surveillance radar, there has been growing excitement about Holographic Radar™. Aveillant is currently negotiating with industry partners to support its wind farm mitigation business and continue its expansion into different markets.

Aveillant offers a range of 3D Holographic Radars™, from remotely deployable units through to long range Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) systems, all providing a ceiling of 60,000 ft. A major advance in radar technology, 3D Holographic Radar™ provides real-time detection of non-cooperative targets for air traffic surveillance. Unlike traditional rotating radars or even scanning phased arrays, it uses a static staring array achieving 100% time on target. The 3D Holographic Radars™ not only know the range and direction of the target but also its height. Thanks to this 3D data and a high update rate of four times per second Holographic RadarTM data easily, rapidly and seamlessly integrates into existing radar systems as demonstrated last year at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

The investment round was supported by existing investors ESB Novusmodus, DFJ Esprit and Cambridge Consultants.

David Crisp, CEO of Aveillant, said: “We have now proven that Holographic Radar™ technology has provided the largest performance improvement in surveillance radars for many decades. This has been confirmed through analysis by independent aviation experts and we are now about to launch our new product range that provides this same high level performance at much longer range, with 360  coverage.”