Aveillant and Finmeccanica – Selex ES have signed a teaming agreement that will see the two companies working together to bid for the upcoming Prestwick Airport PSR tender. The tender will use Aveillant’s T384 radar, capable of seamlessly mitigating wind farm clutter.

Selex ES is a world leader in radar capabilities, designing and developing systems for homeland security; systems and radar sensors for air defence, battlefield management, naval warfare, coastal and maritime surveillance; air traffic control; and turn-key airport solutions. Selex ES will be the system integrator and have overall responsibility for delivery of the requirements to the satisfaction of the customer.

Aveillant is a world-leading technology firm, developing radar applications based on its unique and patented Holographic RadarTM.

Aveillant’s radar is fundamentally different to conventional radar technologies. Conventional radars are designed with a particular application in mind (aviation, shipping, etc.) – development is focused towards tuning the hardware to find that specific target and filtering out all other returns.  Rather than filter, Aveillant’s technology collects all of the available radar returns, and intelligently sorts the data after collection using unique and patented systems and algorithms.  The result is a uniquely detailed, comprehensive, and adaptable surveillance capability.

In addition to outperforming conventional radars on all metrics, the Aveillant radar also has the capability to mitigate wind farms, detect and track drones, and perform a wide range of other surveillance requirements that may develop in the future. Because the radar collects all available radar returns, unforeseen future requirements could be met with a software patch rather than hardware upgrade.

The agreement presents Prestwick with an unmatched European force which will fuse the world beating radar experience and expertise of Selex ES with Aveillant’s unrivalled Holographic RadarTM .

For more information, please contact the Annick at the Aveillant Press Office:


01223 226 290