Aveillant heads to Madrid for World ATM Congress

10 – 12 March 2015

Stand No: 1101

After a successful exhibition last year, Aveillant is heading back to Madrid for this year’s World ATM Congress.

Having won the Navigation and Surveillance Communications award at the 2014 IET Innovation Awards, Aveillant was announced in January as a finalist in the innovation award category at the global IHS Jane’s ATC Awards 2015.  Aveillant was shortlisted as a small enterprise that has raised ATM performance alongside three other nominees for the Innovation Award.  The CANSO dinner and IHS Jane’s Awards Ceremony will take place in Madrid on Monday 9th March, following the CANSO CEO Conference.

For fifty years, air surveillance has had to rely on spinning radars that are ‘on-target’ once every revolution between 4-10 seconds, leaving aircraft undetected during that intervening window.  Holographic Radar surveys the air space constantly, never losing sight of its targets or their true position which provides truly situational awareness surveillance.

Holographic Radar™ provides truly volumetric, continuous 3D surveillance.  Aveillant’s Holographic Radar™ recognises targets; aircraft, wind turbines, bird flocks and even cloud formations.  For Air Traffic Control, Holographic Radar™ provides a clutter-free picture to the operator.

Holographic Radar™ is based on a static, modular solid state array, enabling Aveillant to build products that can be configured to a range of surveillance requirements and at the same time reducing cost compared to conventional rotating radars.

Rob Abbott, Aviation Director at Aveillant comments: “A lot has happened in the year since our last attendance at World ATM Congress in Madrid, for the world of Aviation and Aveillant as a company.  With the winning and progression of our first Wind Farm mitigation contract and the development of extending the range of Holographic Radar, we have a great deal to show the industry.  This year has highlighted the need for true innovation in the world of surveillance, capable of coping with the demands of a complex world and increases in demand on the network.  Aveillant is at the forefront of innovation and Holographic Radar™ has started to take its rightful place at the cutting edge of surveillance capabilities. ”

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