Cambridge based radar technology company Aveillant today announced the sale of its Gamekeeper drone detection radar to provide security and privacy over Monaco. As part of a strategic partnership with JCPX Development, the system will be installed at a site in the principality later this year as the core element of JCPX’s comprehensive counter-UAV solution, which as well as the radar element includes high resolution cameras and radio jamming devices.

Aveillant CEO, David Crisp, said: “We’re very excited about this project. Unregulated use of drones is becoming an increasing worry for a wide variety of people and organisations. In Gamekeeper we have a technology that can protect a large area with high reliability. The built environment in Monaco is a challenging one for radar detection, meaning our unique Holographic Radar approach is very well suited to it.”

Jean-Christophe Drai, the Chairman of JCPX Development, added “With our counter UAV solution, JCPX will be the first company to provide a complete system to face the huge challenge of drone threats in a real urban environment. Our system is able to detect, identify, track and jam small UAVs to guarantee the safety of people and sensitive areas. Our strong partnership with Aveillant allowed us to build a tailored answer to our customer’s needs. The Monaco project is a world first in the civil application of this technology, and should pave the way for vastly improved security against small drones in the future.”

The Gamekeeper radar is designed to detect targets down to 0.01m2 cross section and has a range of up to 5km. Holographic Radar technology does not scan across an area as a traditional radar does, but continuously floodlights a volume of space, gathering 3D position and motion information from all targets, all of the time. This gives a detection and tracking capability beyond that possible with other radars.
Aveillant also use Holographic Radar technology in the Theia range of primary surveillance radars, to provide infill coverage for Air Traffic Control over wind turbines.

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Aveillant Ltd is a leading radar technology company based in Cambridge, UK, specialising in applications of its unique Holographic Radar platform. Key markets are in security, aviation and defence.