The Military Radar Conference

28th-30th October 2014, London

Leading UK radar technology company, Aveillant is demonstrating the benefit of its 3D Holographic Radar™ to the defence sector at this year’s Military Radar Conference Congress. Aveillant is also sponsoring the Conference in London, which is in its 12th year and is attended by the world’s leading international military, industry and research institutes.

Aveillant will be exploring how its ‘target centric technology’ has revolutionised the way in which airports can monitor airspace, creating continuous, concurrent 3D surveillance monitoring, enabling more precise and accurate classification of targets of interest.

Dr Gordon Oswald, Chief Technology Officer at Aveillant, will also form part of the panel discussing Spectrum release. Aveillant has recently been awarded a contract by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to demonstrate the ability of its Holographic Radar™ technology to provide a spectrum-efficient alternative to the congested ‘S-band’ primary air traffic surveillance radar.

Gordon Oswald, CTO of Aveillant, says: “The Conference offers emerging technologies and military applications such as our 3D Holographic Radar™ the ideal platform to be explored by new audiences. It will also investigate technological developments necessary for operating in the challenging environments of the future. Aveillant’s Holographic Radar™ could enable networked air traffic control radars in the UK to operate through one single frequency assignment, separate from the highly sought-after ‘S Band’, which is truly ground-breaking for the industry. I’m looking forward to discussing its benefits in more detail and we’re also pleased to be sponsoring this world-renowned Conference.”

For more information, see www.aveillant.com and visit the Military Radar Conference website for further details, www.militaryradarconference.com.