Cambridge based radar technology company Aveillant, which was acquired by Thales in 2017, will once again be deploying their equipment at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), to demonstrate the ability of their unique Holographic Radar technology to track high-speed manoeuvring jets in three dimensions.

Aveillant’s Gamekeeper radar, designed primarily to detect and track small unmanned air vehicles (drones) has been used for the past two years at RIAT to detect and track the aerobatic performances of fast jets, giving full 3D location, speed and heading.

Commenting on the deployment, Aveillant CEO Dominic Walker said “It is a privilege to be working at RIAT with the RAF Charitable Trust, particularly this year as the Royal Air Force celebrates its Centenary. We are used to detecting one type of difficult target – very small drones – but fast, agile jets is a different kind of problem. Fortunately it is one that, with the right processing parameters in place, the radar manages very well.”

Adding to this, Andy Armstrong, CEO of the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises, organisers of RIAT, said “We’re delighted to again give Aveillant the opportunity to demonstrate their system at the show. Our displays are amongst the very best in the world and it is always great to see the tracks that the Aveillant radar produces.”

Aveillant’s Gamekeeper radar has been deployed for drone detection in Monaco, Singapore and Paris, and the Aveillant Theia 16A acts as an infill radar providing tracking of aircraft above the Spondon wind farm close to East Midlands airport.

The Royal International Air Tattoo, which takes place at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on July 13-15, will be staging the International celebration of the RAF’s Centenary.  The event is held annually in support of the RAF Charitable Trust.