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Aveillant, the advanced radar technology company based in Cambridge, today announced the sale of one of its innovative Gamekeeper counter-UAS radars to ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd (“STEE-SatComS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited in Singapore. Following the operational approval for Aveillant’s Gamekeeper unit in Monaco, this sale represents the second installation in a major urban environment.

Gamekeeper forms the core detection and tracking capability for a comprehensive counter drone detection system. The unique radar technology provided by Aveillant will give 3D tracks and target classification information, which can be used to direct other sensors or countermeasures.

Aveillant CEO, David Crisp said: “We’re delighted to partner with STEE-SatComS to provide protection against drones – a company that is leading the way in the innovative use of technology for drones and UAV detection. Following our recent announcement in Monaco, we are pleased that the unique capabilities of Aveillant’s radar are gaining traction internationally.”

The Gamekeeper radar is designed to detect targets down to 0.01m2 cross section and has a range of up to 5km. Aveillant’s unique Holographic Radar technology does not scan across an area as a traditional radar does, but continuously floodlights the entire volume of airspace, gathering 3D position and motion information from all targets, all of the time. This gives a detection and tracking capability beyond that possible with other radars.

There is an increasing global concern about drone incursions into unauthorised areas, including airport approaches, major sporting events, areas around nuclear facilities and other critical infrastructure. There is also a growing recognition that commercial use of drones is likely to become commonplace, and that for safe operations, the positions of such drones will need to be tracked by radar. It is estimated that by Year 2020, the global market for drone detection systems will exceed USD11Bn.

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