BBC News and Look East have reported on the successful tracking of drones by Aveillant’s holographic radar after being invited to a demonstration in Norfolk.  The news team used their own drone to test our technology.

This is just one of a number of trials Aveillant has undertaken at the request of wide ranging companies, from regulators to multinational companies.  Aveillant has successfully tracked drones of all sizes down to Phantom II and has recently proved the range capabilities of its system in this environment by tracking a 4kg Hexicopter at ranges in excess of 4 miles.

On 20th April 2015,Manchester Airport was forced to suspend flights over one of it’s runways for 20 minutes, after members of the public spotted a drone in the airspace.  At the end of last year, a drone was flown within 20ft of an Airbus A320 coming into Heathrow Airport.

Please see below the report from the BBC: