5th September 2019 – The 13 member SAFIR (Safe and Flexible Integration of Initial U-space Services in a Real Environment) consortium has hosted an open day at DronePort, Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

The aim of the event was to demonstrate the progress made so far in enabling drone services, including consumer parcel deliveries and inter-hospital medical flights, to be safely integrated into the airspace. Attendees included representatives from Brussels airport and European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc.

This formed a key milestone in the overall SAFIR project, initiated 12 months ago, to unite the drone industry, drone surveillance industry, regulators and ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) behind the common goal of integrating drones into the airspace.

The market for these services (also known as U-Space) is growing quickly, and this is not surprising given the potential impact: increased convenience / speed for consumer parcel deliveries; improved safety for inspecting pylons and the potential to save lives with time saving medical deliveries between hospitals. Cooperation as part of the SAFIR project is helping to ensure that safety does not become a limiting factor for reaping these benefits.

The demonstrations and open day at DronePort showed that significant progress has been made towards the goals and aims of SAFIR. Several of Aveillant’s U-Space and ANSP partners successfully demonstrated parcel delivery flights, aerial survey, medical inter-hospital and emergency prioritisation.

Aveillant presented the capabilities of our Gamekeeper radar and how these fit into the U-space picture by providing Independent Non-cooperative Surveillance. This gives U-Space operators an additional source of data should cooperative surveillance systems break down as well as ensuring that non-cooperative targets (hostile drones) can be detected and collisions avoided.

Open day attendees even got a taste of our radar in action as we presented live flights via a remote connection to our radar in Antwerp. Having been impressed by the tracking and classification capabilities of the Gamekeeper radar, our U-Space partners are now busy thinking of ways to make their demo flights harder for us to detect and track!

We’re looking forward to the challenge when further demonstrations take place later this month (24th– 26th September).


The SAFIR consortium, a group of 13 public and private organisations, has been selected by Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) to demonstrate integrated Drone Traffic Management for a broad range of drone operations in Belgium.  The goal of the SAFIR project is to contribute to the EU regulatory process for drones and drive forward the deployment of interoperable, harmonised and standardised drone services across Europe.

The SAFIR consortium (Safe and Flexible Integration of Initial U-space Services in a Real Environment) consists of the following organisations: Unifly, Amazon Prime Air, skeyes, DronePort, Proximus, the Port of Antwerp, Helicus, SABCA, Elia, Explicit, C-Astral, Tekever and Aveillant.

You can read more about the project here

About Gamekeeper

Aveillant’s Gamekeeper is based on our Holographic Radar concept (a 3D constantly staring radar which looks at the entire coverage volume all of the time). Gamekeeper is optimised for detection, tracking and classification of drones over long range, and can be used for both Counter-UAV and U-Space Management applications

Find out more about Gamekeeper.