Madrid, SPAIN – 8th March 2017

DSNA Services and Aveillant are pleased to announce a partnership to develop a complete counter-drone surveillance solution capable of detection, identification, and tracking within a radius of 5 kilometres. This alliance is the marriage of both vision and agility; combining innovative technology with customer centric operational expertise.

After launching a successful proof of concept in June 2016, DSNA Services will conduct the first worldwide pilot programme in a complex airport environment in the coming months. Aveillant’s Gamekeeper radar will be the centrepiece of DSNA Services’ comprehensive counter-UAV solution, which includes the concept of operations, a customizable command control center, long-range HD and infrared cameras and radio frequency (RF) detectors.

Gamekeeper leverages unique holographic radar designed specifically for detection of very small UAV. Continuing development will soon increase the impressive performance of Gamekeeper, which is able to detect and locate in 3D small drones up to 5 kms. Furthermore, it intelligently characterises and classifies the target, distinguishing between drones and birds.

Stephane Durand, Executive Director of DSNA Services, said, “Aveillant’s unique technology is pioneering in terms of detection capabilities. With this partnership and upcoming large scale pilot programme in France, we will have the ability to offer unique counter-drone solutions worldwide.”

David Crisp, CEO of Aveillant, said, “We are delighted to be working with DSNA Services, who created an innovative solution to protect sensitive areas, including airports. We look forward to embarking together with DSNA Services to enable a safer world with drones.”


Aveillant – Tom Rayner  – +44 7908 001 338

About DSNA Services:

DSNA Services, expertise and consultancy office of the French Civil Aviation, was founded by DGAC & ENAC in 2013. DSNA Services delivers customizable and innovative solutions for its global client network spanning regulation & safety, operations and operational training in civil aviation.

About Aveillant:

Aveillant, founded in 2011 by Cambridge Consultants, was created to take to market groundbreaking Holographic Radar technology. Their team includes some of the world’s leading experts in radar design and signal processing, along with a management team experienced in technology start-ups and New Product Introduction.