16th July 2015

British Library, London

Aveillant will be presenting at the 2015 International Crime Science Conference.

The 9th International Crime Science Conference will focus on “Science and Security: the application of scientific method to the most pressing crime and security problems of today”. It will focus on how techniques, methodologies and technologies from across the physical and social sciences spectrum are being used to tackle some of the most pressing crime and security concerns facing today’s societies.


Aveillant’s Algorithm Designer, Mohammed Jahangir, will be presenting a piece titled ‘

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, are rapidly proliferating. Whilst the high-end, larger variant UAS have been in operations for defence applications for over two decades, it is the emergence of low-cost drones that is opening the door for a host of civil applications. However, the accessibility of this technology is bringing about new challenges for security and safety. It is the class of micro-UAS which are raising particular concern. The reason being their small size and ability to fly low in a highly irregular manner makes them particularly difficult to detect with conventional wide-area surveillance sensors such as a scanning radar. Aveillant’s Holographic RadarTM , turns the problem on its head by deploying multiple fix beams that surveys the airspace constantly, never losing sight of the target.  It can detect and track an object from the size of a passenger airliner down to a micro-UAS. It harnesses the power of processors, developed for gaming, to be able to produce in real-time complete 3-D view of its coverage area, providing truly situational awareness surveillance. Results from real trials will be presented that show a small hexacopter UAS being successfully tracked by the Aveillant multibeam staring radar. The impact such drone detection radars can make on regulating and influencing the growth of this type of platforms will be discussed.

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