Aveillant, the British-based radar technology company, will be attending a business regeneration event, hosted by NATS, at the Prestwick Air Traffic Control Centre on Thursday 4th September to discuss the benefits of its innovative Holographic Radars™ to the airport and surrounding area.

The conference entitled ‘Reaching for the sky at Prestwick’ is designed to bring together a wide variety of infrastructure stakeholders to discuss existing and future developments. It will explore airport specific solutions, business park expansion and opportunities, trans-modal challenges and the wider community challenges.

Aveillant’s CEO David Crisp will discuss how the innovative Holographic Radar™ is an economically viable solution to mitigate the effects of a nearby wind farm on Prestwick Airport’s air traffic control. Aveillant board members Aubrey Thompson and Martin McAdam are also attending the event.

David Crisp, CEO at Aveillant said: “We’ve been working alongside Prestwick Airport for a long time to provide a clear view of airspace over and around the nearby wind farm. The rotations of a wind turbine can be mistaken for aircraft which has led to many applications for wind farms being turned down. Our Holographic Radar™ has enabled the wind farm to operate without any negative impact on Prestwick Airport’s air traffic control, which has positive implications for the local economy.”