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Gamekeeper 16U Product Sheet

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Find answers to some of the common questions about our Holographic Radar™ technology. We’re keen to add to this section, so if you have other questions let us know!

Holographic Radar™ is a new and advanced ‘staring array’-based radar that offers a revolutionary advance in tracking and surveillance radar capability. It provides a real-time, three-dimensional surveillance of the airspace. Unlike traditional scanning radars, Holographic Radar™ actually characterises, identifies and intelligently decides what to do with the returns it receives. In the case of wind farm mitigation, it clearly identifies wind turbines and removes them from the ATC display whilst at the same time passing through aircraft returns it receives. Holographic Radar™ is also able to distinguish between drones and birds in drone detection applications.

Traditional scanning radars use a rotating antenna that combines a transmitter and receiver. As they rotate, they switch between transmitting and receiving and are able to capture returns from objects for a very small period of time. They can effectively report that an object is at a certain distance from the radar head and at an approximate bearing. They provide no information on the height of the object. They spend approximately 1% of each scan ‘on target’ and so cannot differentiate between different types of moving objects and, for this reason, rotating wind turbines can cause massive confusion in the radar system.

Holographic Radar™ uses a totally different technology. It uses flat-panel arrays which receive radar returns from a separate transmitter that is broadcasting continuously, providing 100% time ‘on target’. This means they gather a huge amount of information on the object, including 3D position and speed, allowing it to be characterised and intelligently identified by the radar system.

In summary, unlike traditional scanning radars which effectively provide a ‘dumb’ display, Holographic Radar™ provides an intelligent picture of the airspace where unwanted returns are removed before display.

Aveillant has two product lines: Gamekeeper and Theia. Gamekeeper is optimised for drone detection applications, while Theia is designed for wind farm mitigation. If you have an application in mind that doesn’t quite fit into either of these boxes, then please get in touch.

We know that all of our customers have slightly different requirements and questions, so get in touch, and we’ll try to answer your question.

Performance (of any radar) will of course depend on the operational environment, and this is often a much more important consideration than specified values on a datasheet. We always like to have an open discussion with you about, not just what our radar can theoretically do, but what it can realistically do in your specific non-ideal environment.