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Aveillant’s new and unique technology platform changes what it is possible to achieve with a radar. Whilst other systems are like a flashlight in the dark, Aveillant’s Holographic Radar turns on the light, illuminating the entire sky and recording everything in view, all of the time.

Aveillant was created to take to market ground-breaking Holographic Radar technology developed by Cambridge Consultants. Our team includes some of the world’s leading experts in radar design and signal processing, along with a management team experienced in technology start-ups and New Product Introduction. There are also decades of cumulative knowledge of our core markets of aviation, security and defence.

Meet the Team

We have head offices on the Cambridge Science Park, with engineering facilities in nearby Ely, and radar test sites at Deenethorpe Airfield and on the coast at Muckleborough.

Aveillant is overseen by a vastly experienced board of Executives, Investor Directors and NEDs, providing strategic direction and invaluable links into their respective industries.

Cambridge Consultants developed the concept of a low-cost, high-performance flat-panel static array radar to be used for high-speed trajectory measurement, aerial target discrimination and ship protection.  In 2011, Aveillant was formed as a spin-off from Cambridge Consultants to further develop and commercialise the technology.